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Introducing the lightest motorized surfboard with the most powerful motor in its category, weighing less than 28 lbs. and reaching speeds up to 35 mph. Made of carbon fiber and produced by F1 and MotoGP racing engineers, JetSurf boards can be used in any water conditions and are easily transported around the world by plane, car or boat.

JetSurf, the ultra-lightweight motorized surfboard. JetSurfing is a crossover sport which combines surfing and high-octane motor sports and is designed to challenge and thrill fun lovers everywhere. Take the board by plane to your top destinations and ride with friends. With JetSurf you don‘t need a boat to pull you or a wave to break. Join a sanctioned racing organization and ride with sports clubs from around the world. Get into shape while having a great time. Weighing a mere 15 kg, the boards are easily transported and allowed on all commercial airlines.
JetSurf power boards are the only motorized watercraft that can be carried by an individual person and are easily transported in a car, ship or plane (as luggage on a commercial or international flight) allowing JetSurf owners to travel and explore the world in a way no one else can.

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The first prototype board was created in a tiny workshop as a result of experimenting with a group of enthusiasts in 1994. After 10 years of development, the first JetSurf board hit the market in 2004 and have since been further improved and updated. The JetSurf boards have been extensively tested and refined with over 1,000 enhancements – all pushing the board to be faster, leaner, greener and more dynamic. There is always room for improvement; therefore, the development process is uncompromising and constant. JetSurf takes the utmost care in producing the best and most reliable motorized surfboards in the world. No compromises are made on the exceptional quality and build of the boards.
To guarantee the highest quality standards, we have entrusted the production of JetSurf power boards to MSR Engines, a Czech manufacturer specializing in the development of combustion engines and special electronics. JetSurf power boards are fabricated alongside MSR Engines’ blue-chip clientele, including BMW, Skoda, KTM and Honeywell, utilizing the finest materials and components currently produced in the European Union.

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Jetsurf is a High Tech motorized surfboard designed and manufactured by MotoGP and Formula1 engineers.

It's a monocoque hull made 100% from the highest quality Carbon Fibre.

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